Triton Rally Car driving on dirt road

Team Aims to Take Back the 2024 Championship with the New, More Powerful Triton Rally Car

Team Mitsubishi Ralliart will be competing in the Asia Cross Country Rally (hereafter, AXCR) from Thailand to Malaysia scheduled for August of this year. The team will be aiming to claim the championship with a modified cross-country version of the Triton pickup truck (the T1 prototype) rally car while further reinforcing its overall strength, focusing on enhanced power performance.

At last year’s AXCR, Team Mitsubishi Ralliart competed with three all-new Tritons, which had just undergone a full model change, and Chayapon Yotha (Thailand) took 3rd place overall. It also received the Team Award, which is awarded to the team that entries with two or more and all finished the rally, and is based on the total time of the top two entries.

Team Mitsubishi Ralliart used the sporty handling and exceptional reliability of the all-new Triton to take on competitors with high-displacement engines and high power. The Triton rally car competing in this year’s AXCR will be even more refined and evolved overall with enhanced acceleration performance and road handling, and Team Mitsubishi Ralliart is ready for the victory.

Today, at the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show, the Triton rally car that will be competing in the AXCR 2024 was revealed with its new livery. In line with last year’s rally car which had a red and black motif that symbolised the energy of gushing lava, this year’s rally car retains the energetic red, while adopting a digitised image of dust at the front and continuing to the side. Toward the back are gunmental gray graphics that represent the gushing lava solidifying into hard volcanic rock. Together, the new livery embodies the dynamism, durability, and reliability of the Triton rally car.

Triton Rally Car driving on dirt road

New-Gen Triton Rally Car

“Last year, we confirmed the toughness and durability of the all-new Triton in the gruelling conditions of AXCR 2023,” said Hiroshi Masuoka, team director of Team Mitsubishi Ralliart. “The rally also reaffirmed that the Triton’s strengths lie in its sporty handling and its excellent road handling on rough terrain. This year will be our second year competing with the new-gen Triton, and we have made the Triton rally car more powerful and enhanced its driving performance by widening the tread further so that we can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with competitors’ vehicles with high-displacement engines. Team Mitsubishi Ralliart is taking on the crown, and we look forward to your support.”

Overview of AXCR 2024

AXCR is the ASEAN region’s largest cross-country rally. This year’s rally, the 29th in its history, will begin with a ceremonial start held in Surat Thani, on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand in the south of Thailand, on August 11th. The competition will begin the next day, on the 12th. AXCR will take the rally drivers south through Thailand, crossing into Malaysia on the 15th and finishing on the 17th at the capital, Kuala Lumpur. Covering approximately 2,000 kilometers, over 1,000 kilometers of which will be special stages, the course this year is expected to be even more gruelling than ever, with a wide range of terrains such as mountains, jungle, and river crossings that will demand exceptional road handling, durability, and high-speed. 

“Mitsubishi Motors’ engineers continue to use motorsport and gruelling rallies to thoroughly test their vehicles, ensuring durability and toughness that the Triton stands for, is delivered to their adventure-spirited customers. The all-new Triton will be ready to experience later this year in South Africa.” says Jeffrey Allison, General Manager: Marketing at Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA).


Mitsubishi Triton at a Car Dealership

Triton and Xforce Win iF DESIGN AWARD 2024

Tokyo, March 5, 2024 – The all-new Triton and the all-new Xforce compact SUV have won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2024 in the product design discipline.

Mitsubishi Motors offers fulfilling mobility lifestyles that awaken the adventurous spirit of drivers and provide excitement for everyone on board. The company is committed to providing customers with reliability and excitement by pursuing its core values of dynamic strength, robustness and authenticity backed by function, and thereby creating design that evolve with the times.

Identifying outstanding design for 70 years, the iF DESIGN AWARD is one of the world’s most prestigious design awards organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH based in Hannover, Germany. For the iF DESIGN AWARD 2024, around 11,000 entries submitted from 72 countries were judged by a jury of 132 international design experts based on five criteria – idea, form, function, differentiation and impact.

“We are truly honoured to receive one of the most distinguished design awards in the world for the two all-new models we launched this fiscal year,” said Seiji Watanabe, division general manager of design, Mitsubishi Motors. “I believe each model was recognised for expressing its own character in a unique form – the Triton shows a daring expression, and the Xforce adopts an agile look – while also combining robustness, which is typical of Mitsubishi Motors’ design. This award will become our driving force in introducing the Triton and the Xforce to even more customers.”

All-new Triton

The all-new Triton is a one-ton pickup truck which traces its roots to the Forte introduced in 1978. Since then, about 5.7 million units have been produced over five generations and sold in approximately 150 countries around the world, making it Mitsubishi Motors’ global strategic model.

Mitsubishi Triton

Based on the Beast Mode design concept, the all-new Triton expresses toughness and strength expected of a pickup truck, while at the same time demonstrating an imposing look with ruggedness and agility. The interior features a robust, horizontally themed instrument panel that allows drivers to easily see changes in the position of the vehicle while driving. The dials and switches can be operated with ease even when wearing gloves, and the steering wheel, grips and door handles are designed with a focus on grip comfort and sturdiness.

iF DESIGN AWARD website:

Special website:

All-new Xforce

The all-new Xforce is a compact SUV that provides comfort and practicality including a spacious cabin and versatile storage spaces well-balanced in a maneuverable, compact body size, as well as offering road handling that allows safe, secure ride in various weather or road conditions.

Mitsubishi XForce

Based on the design concept of Silky & Solid, the upper part of the body expresses an airy silkiness, while the lower part of the body adopts solid and powerful proportions, creating a stylish yet robust, authentic SUV styling. Inside, a sophisticated interior with a cutting-edge feel is created by integrating a 12.3-inch Smartphone-link Display Audio and a digital driver display into a large monolithic display panel.

“Mitsubishi customers appreciate powerful and imposing designed vehicles, that suits their active, fun lifestyle – stay tuned for more updates on these exciting model arrivals in South Africa” says Jeffrey Allison, General Manager: Marketing at Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA). 

iF DESIGN AWARD website:

Special website:



Onela Mtilwa

Manager: Marketing, Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA) [email protected]

011 522 6000


About Mitsubishi Motors Corporation(MMC)

MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION is a global automobile company based in Tokyo, Japan, which has a competitive edge in SUVs and pickup trucks, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Mitsubishi Motors has 30 000 employees and a global footprint with production facilities in Japan, Thailand, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Russia. Models such as the PAJERO Sport/MONTERO Sport, TRITON/L200, OUTLANDER, ASX/OUTLANDER Sport/RVR and XPANDER play a major role in achieving its growth. 

Best Bakkies in SA

Best Bakkies in South Africa 2024

If you’re in the market for the best bakkies in South Africa, you need a vehicle that can handle both a gruelling workday and weekend escapades. This concise rundown compares the most reliable models, focusing on their towing prowess, fuel economy, and off-road capabilities. Find your ideal bakkie that’s as efficient on the job as it is on a family getaway, without any fluff or sales talk.

Key Takeaways

  • The Mitsubishi Triton stands out in South Africa’s bakkie market for its robust reliability and style, offering a range of models to suit various needs, including heavy-duty performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Customisation and accessory options for the Mitsubishi Triton cater to diverse lifestyles, making it adaptable for contractors, outdoor enthusiasts, and families, with offerings that include upgrades for both exterior styling and interior features.
  • Mitsubishi emphasises safety technology and efficient maintenance to ensure the longevity and consistent performance of their bakkies, supporting owners with comprehensive service plans and educating them on proper vehicle care.
Best bakkies in South Africa

Mitsubishi Bakkies in South Africa: A Closer Look

Mitsubishi Motors offers a diverse range of bakkies in South Africa, each tailored to meet the unique demands of the local market. From the robust single cab variants designed for heavy-duty applications to the luxurious double cab models perfect for family trips, Mitsubishi bakkies in South Africa are not just vehicles but partners that help you conquer every challenge on and off the road. Amidst the array of bakkies in South Africa, the Mitsubishi Triton stands out as a beacon of robust reliability and style, making it one of the best selling bakkies in South Africa and a popular choice for those selling bakkies in south, leaving the worst selling bakkies far behind.

The Mitsubishi Triton, with its aggressive styling and powerful performance, has carved a niche for itself in South Africa’s competitive bakkie market. Whether you’re navigating through city streets or tackling rugged terrains, the Triton is built to deliver a drive that’s not just about reaching the destination, but also about enjoying the journey.

Mitsubishi Triton

Starting from a competitive price of R529,990 in South Africa, the Mitsubishi Triton offers a value proposition that’s hard to beat. Inside, the Triton welcomes you into a spacious and comfortable cabin, with generous legroom in the double cab’s back seats, ensuring comfort for all passengers. To make it accessible to a wider range of buyers, Mitsubishi offers flexible financing options for the Triton with monthly payments ranging from R4,850 to R11,050.

Under the bonnet, the Triton boasts a MIVEC DOHC Intercooled Turbo Diesel engine that delivers 133kW of power and 430Nm of torque. This means that whether you’re navigating city streets or conquering off-road terrains, you can count on the Triton to deliver robust performance that doesn’t compromise on fuel efficiency.

4×4 Options

When it comes to 4×4 capabilities, the Mitsubishi Triton Xtreme shines with its Super Select II 4WD system. This advanced system allows for easy tackling of various terrains, enhancing the Triton’s off-road capabilities. But the Triton’s commitment to off-road performance doesn’t stop at just offering robust 4×4 capabilities.

Mitsubishi also offers educative initiatives like the 4×4 X-plorer’s club, improving the overall off-road vehicle use. These advanced off-road features and educational programs ensure not just robust reliability but also add to the bakkie’s stylish appeal, making it a strong competitor to vehicles like the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Towing Capacity

But what about when you need to haul heavy loads or tow a trailer? The Mitsubishi Triton has got you covered with its substantial braked towing capacity of 3100kg. This robust towing capability makes the Triton well-suited for demanding applications such as:

  • hauling heavy loads
  • towing trailers
  • towing boats
  • towing caravans

And the best part? Despite this robust towing capability, the Triton models manage to maintain low fuel consumption rates. The 4×2 model, for instance, consumes just 7.5L per 100km, while the 4×4 model consumes 7.6L per 100km. So, you get the power you need without having to compromise on fuel efficiency.

Interior Features

Inside, the Mitsubishi Triton is designed to offer comfort and convenience with a range of features and upgrades available. The Triton’s interior includes a 7-inch infotainment screen with radio and Bluetooth capabilities, and owners have the option to upgrade the infotainment system to include touchscreen capabilities, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

The Triton Double Cab models feature:

  • A multifunction leather steering wheel with audio and cruise control
  • Electrically adjustable driver seats
  • Dual-zone automatic air-conditioning
  • Speed-sensing auto door locks

These features ensure comfort, convenience, and added security on every journey.

Safety & Technology

When it comes to safety and technology, Mitsubishi Triton bakkies are second to none. Armed with an advanced airbag system with up to 7 airbags, Active Stability and Traction Control (ASTC), and a Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) body design, Triton bakkies are designed to enhance passenger protection during collisions.

Furthermore, Mitsubishi Triton bakkies in South Africa incorporate an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), and Brake Assist System (BAS) to ensure effective braking especially in emergency scenarios. For added safety during reversing and parking, a rearview camera comes standard across Mitsubishi bakkies.

Advanced Safety Systems

Mitsubishi Triton bakkies are equipped with advanced safety systems that enhance the safety of vehicle occupants. One of these features is the Rear View Camera, which enhances driver visibility and safety while reversing.

Another distinctive feature of the Triton Xtreme is the Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) body construction, which significantly improves vehicle safety during challenging off-road driving scenarios. So, whether you’re navigating city streets or exploring off-road trails, you can do so with the peace of mind that you’re protected.

Cutting-Edge Technology

When it comes to technology, the Mitsubishi Triton doesn’t hold back. The Triton’s infotainment system includes a 7-inch screen with 1280 x 720 HD resolution, steering wheel controls, and a plug ‘n play design for ease of use.

But the Triton’s tech features don’t stop there. The system supports smartphone connectivity through screen mirroring, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, which allows access to hands-free calls, navigation, and music services. The integrated navigation system provides interactive GPS with live traffic updates, ensuring efficient real-time navigation.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your Mitsubishi bakkie is key to ensuring its long-lasting performance and reliability. Here are some important maintenance tips:

  • Regular oil changes, recommended every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, to reduce friction, heat, and wear on the engine.
  • Checking and maintaining essential vehicle fluids.
  • Regular brake inspections.
  • Replacing the engine’s air filter as recommended.
  • Keeping the vehicle clean, especially the undercarriage.

Following these tips will help keep your Mitsubishi bakkie in top condition.

Mitsubishi emphasizes the importance of using genuine parts and following the recommended service intervals to maintain vehicle performance and longevity. So, whether you’re a new bakkie owner or a seasoned one, remembering these maintenance tips can help you keep your Mitsubishi bakkie in top shape.


Mitsubishi bakkies, with their robust reliability, stylish appeal, and a wide range of features and options, prove to be a solid choice for anyone in the market for a bakkie in South Africa. Whether you’re after off-road capabilities, towing capacity, customization options, advanced safety systems, or cutting-edge technology, Mitsubishi bakkies deliver on all fronts. Add to this their strong fuel efficiency and comprehensive maintenance plans, and you’ve got a vehicle that’s not just about getting from A to B, but about enjoying the journey and conquering every challenge along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of financing options are available for Mitsubishi bakkies?

You can finance a Mitsubishi bakkie with monthly payments ranging from R4,850 to R11,050. Consider your budget and choose the option that suits you best.

How many seating options are available for Mitsubishi bakkies?

Mitsubishi bakkies offer seating options for 2-seater, and 5-seater configurations, providing flexibility for varying needs.

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