Women are key to the ongoing success of Mitsubishi Motors SA

  • Women play an integral role in the various departments at Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA).
  • MMSA celebrated women’s month by showcasing what women have achieved within their company.
  • MMSA pride themselves on a culture of inclusivity and diversity.

JOHANNESBURG – During women’s month, Mitsubishi Motors South Africa celebrated the many women that form part of their critical staff compliment. A key strategy within the Mitsubishi Motors South Africa business is their commitment to empowering and elevating women within their organisation

“At Mitsubishi Motors South Africa we pride ourselves in the fact that we continuously create a working environment that fosters inclusivity and allows people of all genders, and from all walks of life an equal opportunity to follow a successful career in the automotive industry,” says Thato Magasa, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA).

Within the larger Mitsubishi Motors South Africa organisation women fulfil a variety of roles with great success, many of which were reserved for men in the past.

“Mitsubishi’s staff compliment includes a large number of woman who fulfil a variety of roles across the company. Through these testimonials we hope that we can inspire other women to pursue a career in the automotive industry,” adds Magasa.

Felicia Sono – Customer care manager

Customer care manager Felicia Sono has vast experience in customer service and training in the automotive industry that spans 16 years.

“In my current role I support and mentor the customer care team, which includes training and mentoring staff to enhance productivity. We really need to support the younger generation in achieving their goals,” says Sono.

“Working in a male dominated industry I have seen that certain male customers tend to believe that women don’t know much about the motor industry and can be very reluctant to accept the feedback that you give back to them. They will prefer to speak to a male co-worker, who gives them the same feedback which is then accepted as the truth. I expect to be treated with respect and fairness just like anyone else in the organisation,” explains Sono.

Thabiso Ramatla – Distribution manager

Distribution manager Thabiso Ramatla now has more than 10 years’ experience in the automotive industry. She started out as a graduate and worked her way through the ranks to her current position as distribution manager where she is responsible for inbound and outbound logistics.

“I love working for Mitsubishi because the company allows me to grow, I work with people who are courageous and who are helping me to grow, who are very passionate about the brand and who are always looking forward,” says Ramatla.

“Working in a male dominated industry has been a beautiful journey because the men that I have worked with have pushed me to do my best, they are passionate and help me to improve my skills. This has helped me become more confident in making decisions and delivering on behalf of the brand,” says Ramatla.

Ramatla believes that women are hard workers with integrity who bring unique solutions to the industry, and they make good choices by knowing what to do and when to do it. 

“Women are coming on board with skills that allow institutions to be successful and are being recognised based on those skills and the power they carry as women,” concludes Ramatla.

Carmen van Dyk – Financial Director

Financial Director Carmen van Wyk believes that anything is possible, but that the numbers never lie.

“I love life and all its beautiful things, I think it’s important to have a critical understanding of the numbers and their impact on the organisation,” says van Wyk.

“I like working at Mitsubishi as it allows me to grow. I work for a small, fairly young team who are agile and forward thinking. In a smaller organisation like this there is less bureaucracy, and we can make decisions quickly,” adds van Wyk.

“What matters most to me is how you show up and land on a daily basis. I want to be a positive influence, an instrument of change and I believe that I have a sharp eye for identifying and developing talent. I believe in people and in people being treated fairly. When given the platform those people will grow and excel,” says van Wyk.

Van Wyk believes that women should remain feminine and authentic, especially in an industry that is very muscular and outdoorsy. For automotive companies looking to attract a different demographic the feminine influence is very important.

Dalene Bekker – General Manager, Parts

General manager of parts, Dalene Bekker explains that mentorship and support are crucial for women in male dominated industries. “During my 34-year career I sought out the specialists in various areas and learnt from them by shadowing them and learning from the way they do things. Engage with stakeholders, do your research and develop your processes in that way,” says Bekker.

“Women tend to be more analytical, pay more attention to detail, ask more questions and get to the bottom of issues, which makes it easier to establish new processes. These unique strengths and skills that women bring to the parts and distribution industry can be harnessed for greater success,” adds Bekker.

Lebogang Maepa – Warehouse administrator

Warehouse administrator Lebogang Maepa always wanted to be the lady that breaks barriers and changes the whole concept of male domination. This was possible thanks to her passion and determination to learn new things, which has been key to her success to date.

“Women looking to enter the industry shouldn’t be afraid to put themselves out there as women, open their mind and learn everything they can. Be like a sponge and learn as much as possible from the people around you. Go above and beyond and you will get wherever you want to be,” says Maepa.

Mathabo Mapea – Management accountant

Management accountant Mathabo Mapea believes that it is important to foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork among employees, regardless of gender in order to achieve the organisations goals.

“We need to encourage a culture and an environment that is supportive and safe for all employees. We need to create an environment where we know we can express ourselves and our opinions without fear or favour. We are all part of one team, so it is important to create an environment where we are all equal and where we all feel safe and comfortable to do our job and take risks, when necessary,” says Mapea.

“As women we need to come together, encourage one another and form initiatives where we can guide and support each other on how to advance in this industry,” says Mapea.

“Women wanting to pursue a career in the automotive industry should choose a field within the industry that they want to follow and pursue that field with an end goal in mind. They should then do everything in their power including making sure that they continually educate themselves on their path to becoming experts in that chosen field,” adds Mapea.

“During my career in the automotive industry I have learnt that if you pursue and persist you will be able to reach your goals. As women we need to realise that we have the ability to make a positive contribution to this industry, through our innovative and creative ideas,” concludes Mapea.

Melissa Lombard – Admin Manager

Admin Manager Melissa Lombard believes that gender diversity has many benefits that relate to the company’s bottom line. “By embracing gender diversity companies can foster a more innovative and productive work environment. Having both males and females in your team means you benefit by having different points of view and approaches from different life experiences,” says Lombard.

Lombard notes her biggest career achievement to date as when she completed her BBA at the same time as caring for a new-born baby. “Having to complete assignments, study and write exams while on maternity leave is a big achievement in my opinion. That just goes to show how strong and amazing women really are, if we put our minds to it, no matter how tough or challenging, we can accomplish anything,” adds Lombard.

Molly Prakesh – Parts Distribution Manager, Motus

Molly Prakash is the Manager of the Parts Distribution Centre for Motus emerging brands and for her the journey of breaking barriers and entering the parts distribution industry, which is traditionally male dominated, has been fruitful.

“18 years ago I started out in a very male dominated industry but over the years we have seen change. Women are now valued and recognised for their contribution. My focus has always been to do the job. Don’t get distracted by gender or any other form of discrimination,” explains Prakash.

“My belief is that finance is there to support the business in achieving its targets and goals, this motivated me to learn and understand all aspects of business. When I was offered my current position in the parts distribution centre, I saw it as an opportunity to further my career,” says Prakash.

“A change from finance to operations made me realise that I actually enjoyed operations because of its challenges. I love working with the team to try and find solutions in pursuit of achieving daily, monthly and annual targets. I love implementing processes and controls to ensure increased productivity and efficiency,” adds Prakash.


YouTube Videos:

Dalene Bekker: https://tinyurl.com/yeyjy8bz

Lebogang Maepa: https://tinyurl.com/sdevurex

Mathabo Mapea: https://tinyurl.com/2fjhz4rs

Melissa Lombard: https://tinyurl.com/6r4662jt

Molly Prakash: https://tinyurl.com/yywc5fnx

Thabisho Ramatla: https://tinyurl.com/yt7usw88

Carmen Van Wyk: https://tinyurl.com/mw924v47

Felicia Sono: https://tinyurl.com/43p39k9a 

Mitsubishi Triton Athlete Set to Amaze South African Bakkie Customers with Unparalleled Performance and Style

  • The limited-edition Mitsubishi Triton Athlete is now available in SA.
  • The Mitsubishi Triton Athlete boasts several bespoke interior and exterior touches.
  • The Triton Athlete offers bakkie customers a unique vehicle off the showroom floor.

JOHANNESBURG – Mitsubishi are expanding their Triton range with the addition of the Triton Athlete, a limited-edition model that takes the Triton concept to a whole new level.

The Triton remains a key product for Mitsubishi Motors South Africa, a bakkie that has been well received for its combination of sporty styling, excellent performance and legendary capability that allows it to tackle any terrain with ease.

The Triton Athlete is the next model in Mitsubishi’s extensive product rollout and boasts several unique exterior features that are sure to make it stand out in the crowded bakkie market as well as a variety of interior touches that elevate its premium feel significantly.

“South Africa is a bakkie country and local owners love to customise their vehicles, the Triton Athlete caters for that need by offering a  bespoke package to make it stand out whether you are on or off-road,” says Jeffrey Allison, General Manager: Marketing at Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA). 

Based on the Triton 4×4 Automatic, the Triton Athlete is inspired by the Café Racer concept that originated among British motorcycle lovers in London in the 1960s who took inspiration from motorsport to personalise their motorcycles.

The Triton Athlete is immediately noticeable thanks to red touches to the front bumper lower garnish, side-step and rear bumper step that remind of motorsport body kits that featured prominently on legendary models like the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

A comprehensive decal kit inspired by the world of motorsport includes a hood decal, tailgate strip and side stripes featuring the number 01. Adding to the visual appeal of exterior specification upgrades are LED headlamps with black accents and matching daylight running lamps. The Triton Athlete rides on unique black 18-inch alloys.

The motorsport inspired theme is continued in the interior where the leather steering wheel, parking brake and floor console feature black and red stitching. Unique leather seats and door trim have also been treated to red leather stitching.

While the Mitsubishi Triton Athlete is differentiated by a variety of bespoke aesthetic touches this model retains all of the performance and legendary off-road capability that Mitsubishi vehicles are renowned for.

Under the bonnet is the same 2.4L DOHC MIVEC Diesel engine that has the performance to match the unique styling elements. Boasting 133kW at 3 500 r/min and 430Nm at 2 500r/min it is paired with a smooth shifting six-speed automatic transmission that features Intelligent Shift Control.

Endowing the Triton with go anywhere capability is Mitsubishi’s legendary Super Select II 4WD system that ensures optimum traction and handling on any surface. The system does not rely on driver input but instead transfers power to the wheels with grip instantaneously. In addition, the selectable off-road mode maximises traction by allowing the driver to select from Gravel, Mud/Snow or Sand modes when in 4hLc to suit surface conditions and optimise engine output, transmission settings and braking for superior traction. An additional Rock setting can be engaged in 4LLc. With ground clearance of 220mm, approach and departure angles of 31 and 29 degrees and a 25-degree ramp breakover angle the Triton is ready to tackle any obstacle.

“The Mitsubishi Triton Athlete offers customers a bakkie that embodies Mitsubishi’s philosophy of creating products that provide safety, comfort and quality while a number of unique features elevate the characteristic styling and athleticism, resulting in a truly unique offering,” concludes Allison.


As with all Triton models the Triton Athlete is covered by Mitsubishi’s manufacturer’s warranty of three years or 100 000km, a five-year/90 000km service plan and five-year/unlimited mileage roadside assistance. Service intervals are every 10 000km.

Triton 2.4L DI-SC M/T GL 4×2

R429 995



Triton 2.4L DI-DC M/T GL 4×2

R514 990





Triton 2.4L DI-DC M/T 4×2

R629 990





Triton 2.4L DI-DC A/T 4×2

R649 990





Triton 2.4L DI-DC M/T 4×4

R709 990





Triton 2.4L DI-DC A/T 4×4

R729 990





Triton 2.4L DI-DC A/T 4×4 Athlete

R749 990



All-New Compact SUV Previewed at 30th GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show

Tokyo – Mitsubishi Motors will celebrate the global debut of an all-new compact SUV at the 30th GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show. Ahead of the world premiere, the company revealed the exterior design of the all-new compact SUV. The all-new model will be built at Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Indonesia (Bekasi, West Java), with delivery to start in November 2023.


At the show, Mitsubishi Motors will also display the eK X EV, an all-electric kei-car, for the first time outside of Japan, along with the Minicab-MiEV, a onebox kei-car class commercial electric vehicle (EV) that is scheduled for local production in Indonesia. The company will also exhibit models sold in Indonesia, including the Xpander and Xpander Cross crossover MPVs, as well as the Pajero Sport mid-size SUV.


Further, the Mitsubishi Motors exhibition stand will feature a special area where visitors can experience the new Dynamic Sound Yamaha Premium sound system, which was jointly developed with Yamaha Corporation and will be adopted for the first time in the all-new compact SUV. Inside the all-new model, visitors can enjoy the sound system’s characteristic, clear mid and high tones as well as lively bass.


“In this all-new model, we have further evolved the design to meet the needs of the compact SUV market, which has been growing in recent years,” said Seiji Watanabe, division general manager of design, Mitsubishi Motors. “In addition to the robustness and powerfulness characteristic of Mitsubishi Motors, we have pursued a design that is more stylish, energetic, and distinctive than ever. At the upcoming GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show, we hope that even more customers will discover what Mitsubishi Motors has to offer and empathise with our design through this all-new compact SUV.”


Design of the All-New Compact SUV (World Premiere)

Based on the design concept of Silky & Solid, the stylish yet powerful, authentic SUV design combines elegance and robustness, thereby realising styling that creates a commanding presence in scenes from ASEAN cities to the great outdoors. The upper part of the body expresses an airy silkiness with a floating roof and a sleek surface that begins from the three-diamond emblem up front and flows along the side to the rear. The lower part of the body adopts the solid and powerful proportions of an SUV – the muscular fender flares express the agility of an athlete, while a top-class ground clearance of 222 mm as well as 18-inch wheels and large-diameter tyres enhance road handling on rough roads.


“We are sure that current and new Mitsubishi customers are waiting with huge excitement on our all-new compact SUV, which will further build on MMSA’s lifestyle attraction – stay tuned for the world premiere” says Jeffrey Allison, General Manager: Marketing at Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA). 


At the front, the Dynamic Shield front face has been evolved in line with the design concept. Here, the design consisting of left and right bumpers that protect the front grille which symbolises the performance of the powertrain, is three-dimensionally integrated to create a sporty front face with a sense of depth. The LED daytime running lights combine an L-shape with slitted accents to emit light in an iconic T-shape, making the SUV instantly recognizable as a Mitsubishi model even from a distance, while also emphasizing the wide stance.


On the body sides, the rich, muscular surfaces combine with sculpted fender flares and character lines to express the strength and dynamism of the SUV. By adopting the same T-shaped design for the LED tail lights as the front, the rear attains a wide and stable look.

Specifications of the All-New Compact SUV


 Overall length x width x height

 4,390 mm x 1,810 mm x 1,660 mm

 Ground clearance

 222 mm 4


1 .5 L



 Drive system

 Front engine, front drive (2WD)


Overview of the eK X EV (Indonesian Premiere)

The eK X EV, an all-electric kei-car, is an EV variant of the eK X, a height-wagon kei- car. The eK X EV offers a spacious, pleasant cabin despite its small vehicle size, user- friendliness, the smooth and powerful driving unique to EVs, a quiet and comfortable ride, advanced driver assistance systems and connectivity.

Mitsubishi Motors SA rewards exemplary performance by dealer network and staff

  • ongoing success.
  • Three Mitsubishi service advisors were ranked the highest in a nationwide survey.
  • Mitsubishi Motors East London clinched the overall 2023 Mitsubishi Dealer of the Year award.

JOHANNESBURG – Mitsubishi Motors East London has clinched the brand’s 2023 Dealer of The Year award in a tightly contested competition. The Dealer of the Year is crowned following an extensive and continuous evaluation process that measures all aspects of dealership performance.

The evaluation process takes into account sales volumes, sales volumes compared to targets, parts purchases compared to targets as well as overall after sales scores.

Dealer categories are determined by location and area of responsibility. Mitsubishi Motors East London walked away with the victory in the B category and as overall dealer of the year, while A category honours went to Mitsubishi Motors Melrose. Mitsubishi Motors Empangeni walked away with the laurels in Category C.

“Dealership excellence is not achieved by individual results but by the combination of working together as a team. The winning dealers have excelled in all aspects of dealership life and above our expectations,” says Thato Magasa, Managing Director of MMSA.

Mitsubishi Motors South Africa have put a lot of effort into improving their relationship with their dealer network and also giving them the tools to perform at their best.

Testament to the great relationship between Mitsubishi Motors South Africa and its dealer network is the fact that they were awarded Gold at the recent NADA DSI awards once again.

“In the sales categories we have succeeded in all aspects of our business and it gives us great pleasure to honour the dealers who achieved the highest overall volume in their categories as well as the teams who have achieved the highest percentage to target,” says Jeffrey Allison, General Manager: Marketing at Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA).

In the after sales categories the top performing dealers achieved excellent results in the annual Mitsubishi Motors Service Dealer of the Year Program by consistently delivering record high monthly CSI results, always developing their staff, achieving excellent warranty performance results and campaign completion rates among a variety of measurables.

For the first time Mitsubishi Motors SA participated in the International Competitive CSI Survey conducted by Kantar across the entire local motor industry. Mitsubishi Motors SA was ranked first in SA thanks to contributions from frontline staff at dealerships.

“After sales staff are the people who ensure excellence is not only exemplified in our vehicles, but how we treat you when the car is sold. The best three service advisors scored the highest across all South African dealers as well as in Mitsubishi Motors SA’s own local CSI program for the past year as voted for by our customers and we second that,” says Steven Terblans, General Manager: Aftersales at Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA).

Diamond Service Awards for National & International CSI were awarded to Tanika Knoetze from Mitsubishi Motors East London, JJ Smit from Mitsubishi Motor Paarden Eiland and Deon Nieuwenhuis from Mitsubishi Motors Menlyn.

Mitsubishi Motors SA’s efforts in improving customer service, customer retention and positive brand image were recognised by Mitsubishi Motors Middle East & Africa (MMMEA) with a Platinum award recently. This accolade was awarded upon completion of the parent company’s After Sales Business Excellence Program, which is conducted annually and represents service excellence by MMSA and its dealer network relative to other regions.

“Our regional partners have become a pivotal role player in our overall success and the region has increased their sales volume by 38% year on year. For the first time Mitsubishi are also honouring our top performing regional partners as part of our dealer of the year awards,” says Allison.

The Regional Distributor sales dealer of the year went to Mozambique for volume and Zambia for percentage to target.

Industry stalwart Reiner Stuck who passed away earlier this year was honoured with a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to the growth of the Mitsubishi brand and his enthusiastic involvement on the Mitsubishi dealer council for many years.

Mitsubishi Motors South Africa has already launched a variety of new and special edition models this year including the next generation Outlander, Eclipse Ralliart, Triton AT35 and Athlete and Pajero Sport Shogun.

“Our product rollout will continue as the entire product offering is refreshed in coming months and we look forward to working with our dealer network in launching these exciting new products. Our dealer network is critical to the ongoing success of the brand in South Africa, and we thank them for the investment, dedication and effort that they put into maintaining the Mitsubishi brand values and customer relationships in South Africa,” concluded Magasa.

Dealer of the Year awards:

Sales Volume

  • C-sized dealers – Mitsubishi Motors Pietermaritzburg
  • B-sized dealers – Mitsubishi Motors East London
  • A-sized dealers – Mitsubishi Motors Boksburg

Sales percentage to target

  • C-sized dealers – Mitsubishi Motors Empangeni
  • B-sized dealers – Mitsubishi Motors Zambezi
  • A-sized dealers –  Mitsubishi Motors The Glen


  • C-sized dealers – Mitsubishi Motors Vereeniging
  • B-sized dealers – Mitsubishi Motors Ballito
  • A-sized dealers – Mitsubishi Motors Port Elizabeth

Service Advisor

  • Tanika Knoetze – Mitsubishi Motors East London
  • JJ Smit – Mitsubishi Motors Paarden Eiland
  • Deon Nieuwenhuis – Mitsubishi Motors Menlyn


  • C-sized dealers – Mitsubishi Motors Pietermaritzburg
  • B-sized dealers – Mitsubishi Motors East London
  • A-sized dealers – Mitsubishi Motors Port Elizabeth

Sales Executive

  • Thulani Sibiya – Mitsubishi Motors Empangeni
  • Sipho Makuliwe – Mitsubishi Motors East London
  • Neil Muller – Mitsubishi Motors Boksburg
  • Gavin Cherry – Mitsubishi Motors Port Elizabeth

DOTY Category

  • C-sized dealers – Mitsubishi Motors Empangeni
  • B-sized dealers – Mitsubishi Motors East London
  • A-sized dealers – Mitsubishi Motors Melrose

Regional Distributor Sales Dealer of the year

Volume – Mitsubishi Motors Mozambique

Percentage to target – Mitsubishi Motors Zambia

Overall Dealer of the year

  • Mitsubishi Motors East London

Mitsubishi Motors SA continues excellent performance

  • Mitsubishi Motors SA has received Gold status in the NADA DSI survey for the third year running.
  • The ongoing good performance is testament to a healthy relationship with its dealer network.
  • Mitsubishi Motors outperformed the industry average considerably and was ranked highly in a variety of the survey categories.

JOHANNESBURG – Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA) achieved an excellent result in the latest National Automotive Dealer Association (NADA) Dealer Satisfaction Index, with a Gold status award for the third year running.

NADA has measured dealer’s satisfaction with their various automotive brands annually since 1996. A total of 34 independently researched brands participated in the 2023 NADA DSI survey which is conducted by the appointed research company Lightstone. The survey is conducted over 14 categories.

A total of 1 362 responses were received, 1181 of these were received from passenger or light commercial dealerships. The survey evaluates aspects such as dealer satisfaction, communication & relationships, vehicle range and vehicle distribution amongst others.

Mitsubishi achieved Gold status for the third year running with a score of 79,8 percent, outperforming the industry average of 76,4% considerably.

“The responses from our dealer network that participated in the survey are used to gauge our performance and are testament to the great relationship we have with our dealers across all aspects of the business,” says Jeffrey Allison, General Manager Marketing for Mitsubishi Motor South Africa.

Mitsubishi dealers ranked the brand highly in a variety of the measured categories including parts availability and technical training for dealer staff while Mitsubishi was also one of the best performers in the franchise compliance category.

“The NADA DSI awards are a great tool in highlighting where we can improve and refine our business operation to the advantage of our dealer network and ultimately our customers,” adds Allison.

Mitsubishi Motors South Africa have initiated a number of key strategic programs with the aim of improving all aspects of their business, including a recently launched fleet program to improve their value proposition for their dealer network and customers alike. The brand has also focused on improving their in-store experience through a reformed frontline staff learning and development program.

In 2023 we have both expanded and strengthened our dealer network and have put an immense amount of effort into ensuring that our dealers have a steady supply of the latest Mitsubishi products to offer customers. This will be bolstered as we completely refresh our line up with a number of exciting models over the next 12 months,” concludes Allison.



Left to right: L-R – Ghana Msibi (CEO WesBank), Steven Terblans (General Manager Aftersales – MMSA), Nic Campbell (General Manager Sales – MMSA), Ryan Seele (NADA)

Mitsubishi drives towards growth

Mitsubishi drives towards growth

Mitsubishi Motors SA looks forward to continuing their growth momentum.

A variety of initiatives have been put in place to assist the Mitsubishi dealer network.

The brand will launch a number of new and updated models during 2023.

JOHANNESBURG – Mitsubishi Motors South Africa is looking ahead to a successful 2023 and have several strategies in place to take the brand to new heights. This includes a renewed focus on the dealer network and customers as well as the launch of a variety of new models, with the aim of increasing sales and market share. 

The continued success of the brand can be attributed to a rollout of new and updated models during 2022 including updates to the popular ASX, Pajero Sport Aspire, Xpander, Triton Heritage Edition as well as the rollout of single cab Triton models. This product offensive is set to continue into 2023 ensuring that the entire Mitsubishi range remains as fresh as possible. 

Globally, Mitsubishi’s current midterm plan focuses on steadily implementing structural reforms, enhancing growth and focusing on profitability with a target of selling 1.05 million cars during the 2022 financial year. 

Providing customers with reliable and attractive products by further advancing the genetic of 4WD and off-road performance which Mitsubishi vehicles are known for remains a key focus. 

A renewed focus on our dealer partners

Mitsubishi Motors South Africa remains committed to improving product competitiveness through product positioning and offering, will place renewed focus on building brand affinity and look forward to assisting their dealers by way of lead generation. 

“Mitsubishi understand that the dealer network is the heartbeat of the business and will be increasing the dealer network. A salesforce retention program is also in development to assist with attracting and retaining quality sales people,” says Jeffrey Allison, General Manager: Marketing at Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA). 

“In recognition of the significance of our dealer network we have improved the contribution to dealer income and strive to offer a stable and consistent stock supply across our range. As a celebration of our dealer network, we will re-introduce the dealer of the year and diamond club,” adds Allison. 

Plans for growth in a challenging environment

Mitsubishi Motors South Africa understand the importance of doing business with big business and are developing a commercial vehicle range as well as increasing throughput through cross border, fleet and rental channels. 

During 2022 Mitsubishi Motors South Africa retailed 4315 new models with the Pajero Sport, Triton and Xpander responsible for the bulk of those sales.  Mitsubishi believe that several trends will impact the new car market this year. Improvements in production output and lower logistics costs will most likely lead to an oversupply of vehicles in the SA market while rising fuel prices, increased raw material costs and current dollar strength will lead to increased vehicle prices. 

The rising cost of living is eroding middle class disposable income while low GDP growth will impact business to business buying power,” says Allison. In the regulatory environment automotive aftermarket guidelines, Financial Intelligence Centre changes as well as the move towards cleaner fuels and Euro 5 engines. 

A renewed focus on customers will see Mitsubishi Motors South Africa launch customer loyalty programs as well as a number of initiatives aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction. 

“Despite these challenges Mitsubishi Motors South Africa believe that there is still room for growth in the segments that we compete in and will continue to offer our customers the latest in terms of product, while sticking true to the values that make Mitsubishi products what they are,” concludes Allison

Mitsubishi Motors SA refreshes popular ASX range with the introduction of new specification levels

  • Two models with new ES specification level added to ASX line-up
  • One engine option and a choice of manual transmission or CV
  • TEnhanced value proposition with an extensive list of standard comfort and safety features from just R369 995
  • Additional top-of-the range Aspire model expected to arrive late March 2022

JOHANNESBURG – Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA) is making its range of sought-after vehicles accessible to a wider customer base with the introduction of a new ES specification level for the popular ASX. Slotting in below the two existing models, henceforth badged as LS variants, there are now two new ES derivatives in either manual or continuously variable transmission (CVT).

The ASX ES models cater to customers who put a high premium on value for money, but still demand a proven crossover SUV with the best possible combination of attractive design, advanced technology, spaciousness, fuel economy and competitive pricing.

“The ASX was first introduced in South Africa in 2011 and since its launch, over 9300 units have been sold in South Africa, making it the most successful model for the brand in the last decade. The ASX has also opened the Mitsubishi brand to younger families seeking access to the legendary Mitsubishi way of life. The addition of the two ES models with revised specification levels now places this lifestyle within reach of buyers for whom affordability is a greater consideration,” explains Jeffrey Allison, General Manager: Marketing at MMSA.

Apart from featuring the same powertrain combinations as the LS models, the ES additions to the range also boast the same striking exterior styling, spacious interior, upgraded seats and advanced mechanics.


Key exterior features include LED headlights and LED daytime running lights (DRL), as well as LED fog lamps and electrically adjustable foldaway mirrors. At the rear, ES models have LED brake lights, LED taillights, LED reverse lights and a rear spoiler with a high-mounted stop lamp.


Standout interior features of ES-specced models include electric windows all round, fabric upholstery and manual air-conditioning. A radio/CD player is standard, while a touchscreen system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is available as an option. USB and accessory sockets are provided, as is Bluetooth connectivity with hands-free voice control. Driver comfort is enhanced by the inclusion of cruise control.
The rear seats have a 60:40 split, and boot space is a respectable 406 litres with all seats in place. However, this can be expanded to 1 206 litres with the rear seats folded down.


The new ES models use the same engine as their LS siblings, this being Mitsubishi’s 2.0L MIVEC aluminium powerplant, offering 110 kW at 6 000 r/min and peak torque of 197 Nm at 4 200 r/min.
As with the LS specification level, the ES is available with a five-speed manual transmission or CVT.
Mitsubishi’s INVECS-III six-step CVT offers a good combination of performance and fuel efficiency.
The ASX boasts a towing capacity of 1 260 kg (braked) for the manual transmission and 750 kg for the CVT (unbraked), making it a great getaway partner for families who seek adventure outside of the city.


As with all Mitsubishi products, safety features abound in ASX ES models. These include hill start assist (HSA) and active stability and traction control (ASTC), as well as anti-lock brakes (ABS) with brake assist (BAS) and electronic brake-force distribution (EBD).
Mitsubishi’s RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body construction, which provides superior all-direction collision safety design, is supplemented by side impact protection beams, a collapsible steering column, brake pedal recession protection and whiplash injury reduction seats to ensure optimal occupant safety. Driver, passenger and knee airbags as well as ISOFIX child seat anchor points are also standard as part of the package.
ASX ES models also boast rear park distance control and a keyless operating system with a unique smart key that works within a 70 cm radius from the vehicle for easy locking and unlocking. Once inside, the driver can start the engine with the simple touch of a button.

Warranty and service

The ASX range is covered by Mitsubishi’s three-year/100 000 km manufacturer warranty, a three-year /60 000 km service plan and three-year/unlimited mileage roadside assistance. Service intervals are set at 15 000 km or once a year.
“The ASX has proven itself to be a youthful, urbanised crossover SUV for those who appreciate quality, capability, practicality and versatility in a vehicle. With the introduction of the ES models, more South Africans will now be able to benefit from Mitsubishi’s impressive SUV heritage and unrivalled reputation, while enjoying enhanced affordability and value for money,” added Allison.
“Following the 2021 introduction of the Xpander, this is the next step in MMSA’s strategy to bring the brand to more local buyers by offering a wider range. It also marks the beginning of an extremely compelling product offensive in 2022 where we look to enhance our entire model range.”
MMSA has also confirmed the expected arrival of the limited edition ASX Aspire, which will feature refreshed exterior and interior styling.
”The Aspire nomenclature will be introduced across the Mitsubishi passenger vehicle range and will complement the Exceed derivatives. Aspire models will, however, be focused more on technology and styling enhancements,” Allison concluded.


ASX 2.0 ES ManualR 369 995
ASX 2.0 ES CVTR 389 995
ASX 2.0 LS ManualR 419 995
ASX 2.0 LS CVTR 439 995

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV continues to rake in awards

  • The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has received a number of additional awards.
  • To date the Outlander PHEV has won awards in all markets in which it has been launched.
  • The Outlander is due to be launched in South Africa in 2023.

JOHANNESBURG – The Outlander, which is due to be launched in South Africa in 2023, continues to add to its long list of awards in markets across the world.

The latest accolade saw the Outlander PHEV win the Clean Car PHEV category in the New Zealand Car of the Year competition.

Mitsubishi Outlander award winner

2023 Family Green Car of the Year and top segment performer as part of the Green Car Journals 2023 Green Car Awards. 

In Japan, the Outlander PHEV managed to secure first place in the PHEV sales race, with 10 749 units sold in the first half of 2022.

2022 iF Design Award 2022 

Technology Car of the Year in the 2021-2022 Japanese Car of the Year competition thanks to its innovative technologies, eco-friendliness and safety credentials.

2022 Australian Good Design Award in the Product Design.

Five Star Award in the Vehicle Safety Performance 2021 car assessment by Japan New Car Assessment Program.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV offers a clean and fully electric range of up to 60 kilometres, the ease of refuelling and convenience of a petrol engine, unique styling and three rows of seats.

“We feel that the award winning Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is the perfect first step in cleaner motoring, without any of the drawbacks of a fully electric vehicle, while still maintaining the legendary Mitsubishi reliability, styling and capability,” says Jeffrey Allison, General Manager: Marketing at Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA).

The Outlander combines the efficiency of an electric vehicle with the utility of a crossover and the surefootedness that the standard Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) all-wheel drive system offers. This system utilises the PHEV’s unique twin electric motor configuration to allow for maximum performance and superior traction and safety across all road conditions.

“The Outlander brings together a modern design, the best in all-wheel drive technologies and convenient seating arrangement for seven passengers in three rows and we believe that this model range will be a fitting flagship when it is launched locally in 2023,” concludes Allison.

First Mitsubishi Triton Heritage Edition finds owner

L-R – Thato Magasa (Managing Director for Mitsubishi Motors SA); Dr Mathews Phosa.

  1. The first Mitsubishi Triton Heritage Edition has been delivered to its owner.
  2. This special edition model is limited to 50 units.
  3. The Mitsubishi Triton Heritage Edition provide owners with exclusive experiences.

JOHANNESBURG – The very first production version of the Mitsubishi Triton Heritage Edition has been handed over to its new owner, Dr Matthews Phosa, an avid game breeder from the Nelspruit area.

“It is an honour to hand over the keys of the first Mitsubishi Triton Heritage Edition to a person that has played such a big part in South Africa’s heritage and who will use the vehicle to protect our heritage with his successful game breeding operation,” says Thato Magasa, Managing Director: Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA).

The physical hand over took place at Mitsubishi Sandton where Dr Phosa also received the limited edition owners case that contains a number of unique offerings and experiences reserved for the 50 Triton Heritage Edition owners.

The Triton Heritage Edition model was announced during heritage month and saw a number of special features added to the top of the range double cab 4×4.

This special edition is limited to 50 units, all of which are individually numbered and the purchase also includes a number of exclusive experiences at no additional charge.

The exterior of Heritage Edition model has been enhanced by a variety of black trim pieces including blacked out lower scuff plate, grille, wheel arch cladding and roof bars. The front fenders are adorned with numbered Heritage badges, solidifying its special edition status.

Additional standard equipment includes a sleekly integrated tow bar, a rubberised load bin that has been fitted with a black Keko roll bar and enclosed by a black tonneau cover.

The interior, which combines modern, high-quality materials on tough surfaces also features a numbered plaque as an extra reminder of its special edition status.

Under the bonnet is Mitsubishi’s tried and tested 2.4L MIVEC turbodiesel engine that offers 133kW at 3 500 r/min and 430Nm at 2 500 r/min, and has been mated to a smooth shifting six-speed automatic transmission featuring Intelligent Shift Control.

Along with the purchase of the Triton Heritage model, buyers receive a bespoke limited edition owners case incorporating the limited-edition number, space for two keys and a host of experiential benefits.

Inside the box is also an invitation to join a bespoke 4×4 club, who’s first activity will be an experience that will allow owners to get to know their vehicle intimately under the guidance of expert instructors. This exclusive and specially curated off-roading experience, will allow these owners to experience the beauty and heritage of South Africa from the comfort of their own vehicles.

Also included in the purchase of a Heritage Edition is a card that allows access to a bespoke Heritage Edition portal where owners will be treated to VIP customer support. This VIP online portal will give Triton Heritage customers access to a direct communication line with trained Mitsubishi Motors Heritage specialists who will not only offer aftersales support but also a variety of concierge services such as personalised service bookings, latest upgrade offerings, service plan extensions and many more personalised experiences.


Triton 2.4L DI-SC M/T GL 4×2 R419 990
Triton 2.4L DI-DC M/T GL 4×2 R494 990
Triton 2.4L DI-DC M/T 4×2 R599 990
Triton 2.4L DI-DC A/T 4×2 R619 990
Triton 2.4L DI-DC M/T 4×4 R669 990
Triton 2.4L DI-DC A/T 4×4 R689 990
Triton 2.4L DI-DC A/T 4×4 Xtreme R758 990
Triton 2.4L DI-DC A/T 4×4 Heritage Edition R719 990

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Wins No. 1 PHEV Sales in Japan in First Half of FY2022

Tokyo, October 20, 2022 – Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (hereafter, Mitsubishi Motors) announced that the total sales of the Outlander PHEV model, its flagship crossover SUV, won the first place in the PHEV sales ranking1 in Japan with 10,749 units2 sold in first half of fiscal 2022. In addition, the PHEV model of the Eclipse Cross crossover SUV sold 2,430 units as second place in the PHEV category. With total sales of 13,179 units for both PHEV models, Mitsubishi Motors took the lead in the PHEV category of Japanese market with approximately 65% of total shares.

1. April to September 2022; Survey by the Japan Automobile Dealers Association (JADA)

2. Total sales of the previous generation and current generation model which launched in December 2021.

ModelFirst Half of FY 2022
Outlander (PHEV model)10,749 units
Eclipse Cross (PHEV model)2,430 units
Total PHEV unit sales in first half of FY202213,179 units


The Outlander PHEV model is Mitsubishi Motors’ flagship model which brings together the best in electrification and all-wheel control technologies. Launched in Japan in December 2021, it has been highly acclaimed by customers for its bold exterior design based on the product concept of “I-Fu-Do-Do” or authentic and majestic in Japanese; its convenient seating arrangement for seven passengers in three rows; and the smooth and powerful acceleration of a twin-motor 4WD. Mitsubishi Motors launched the new model in Australia and New Zealand this year and will start the sales in North America in November 2022.

The Outlander PHEV is the world’s best-selling plug-in hybrid SUV, and the all-new Outlander PHEV combines everything that has made the gasoline-powered 2022 Outlander so successful: bold styling, advanced vehicle architecture, award-winning2 interior, seven-passenger convenience and legendary Mitsubishi SUV capability. To this, the PHEV model adds an all-new version of Mitsubishi Motors’ plug-in hybrid electric drivetrain, boasting more power and torque, greater all-electric range and the latest and most sophisticated version of Mitsubishi’s confidence-inspiring Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC)3 all-wheel drive system.

The seven-passenger 2023 Outlander PHEV offers up to 38 miles of all-electric range, up to 420 miles of overall range4 and is the only plug-in hybrid on the market with available DC fast-charging capability (SEL and above models), which can fill the 20kWh battery pack to 80% capacity in just 38 minutes.The 2023 Outlander PHEV also features Mitsubishi’s new “Innovative Pedal” technology, which allows near-one-pedal acceleration and deceleration, similar to full battery electric vehicles. This system further differentiates the Outlander PHEV from other plug-in hybrids, and highlights the vehicle’s electric-first design philosophy.

Outlander PHEV Line-up and Trim Level


Standard equipment: 7-Passenger Seating, 18-inch Alloy Wheels, 12.3-inch Full LCD Meter Cluster Display, Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM), Predictive Forward Collision Warning (PFCW), Active Blind Spot Assist (ABSA), Blind Spot Warning (BSW) with Lane Change Assist (LCA), Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA), Lane Departure Warning and Prevention (LDW & LDP), Driver Attention Alert, Automatic High Beam (AHB), Hill Descent Control (HDC), Trailer Stability Assist (TSA), Rear Automatic Emergency Braking (Rear AEB), Rear Parking Sensor, Push Button Start, Apple CarPlay™ And Android Auto™, Front USB Ports, 8″ Smartphone-Link Display Audio (SDA) – SiriusXM® with 3-Month All Access Trial, Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, Mitsubishi Connect with Safeguard and Remote Services and 24-Month Trial (+EV Features including battery capacity)


All ES equipment, plus: 20-Inch Two-Tone Alloy Wheels, Heated Front Seats, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) With Traffic Jam Assist, Lane Keep Assist (LKA), Lane Departure Prevention (LDP), Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR), 9-inch Smartphone-Link Display, Audio w/ Navigation – SiriusXM® with 3-Month All Access Trial, HD Radio®, Auto Up/Down Windows for Passenger/Rear Seats, Led Front Fog Lights, Heated Door Mirrors, Front Rain-Sensing Wipers, Hands-Free Remote Power Liftgate, Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel, Leather-Wrapped Shift Knob, Synthetic Leather Seating Surfaces, Multi-View Camera System, Front Parking Sensor, Smartphone Wireless Charging, Rear USB Ports, Front Heated Seats, Electric Folding Mirrors

SE w/ Tech Package

All SE equipment, plus: Power-Panoramic Sunroof, Auto-Dimming Rear-view Mirror, Bose™ Premium Audio w/ Nine Speakers


All SE equipment, plus: Leather Appointed Seating Surfaces, Key-Linked Driver Position Memory, System Including Mirrors, Reverse Auto Tilt Mirrors, Roof Rails, 3-Zone Automatic Climate Control, Auto-Dimming Rear-view Mirror, Heated Rear Seats, DC Fast Charging, Rear Door Pull-Up, Sunshade, Rear Seat 1500W Outlet Trunk, 1500W Outlet Passenger, 8-Way Memory Seat

SEL Touring

All SEL equipment, plus: Power Panoramic Sunroof, Heated Steering Wheel, Head-Up Display, Bose Premium Audio w/ Nine Speakers, Pull-Up Rear Window Shades

SEL Premium

All SEL Touring equipment, plus: Semi-Aniline Premium Leather Seats, Black Roof, Massage Function Driver & Passenger Seat40th Anniversary Edition

All SEL Premium equipment, plus: Black Diamond Paint w/ Bronze Roof, Limited

40th Anniversary Badges

As a result of its research and development of electrified vehicles since 1964, Mitsubishi Motors launched the i-MiEV – the world’s first mass-produced electric vehicle – in 2009. The company then introduced the Outlander PHEV – the world’s first plug-in hybrid electric SUV – in 2013, and added the Eclipse Cross PHEV model to the line-up in 2020. The company has been taking the lead in the PHEV category with approximately 310,000 units of Outlander PHEV sold in more than 60 countries around the world. With these solutions, Mitsubishi Motors will continue to contribute to solving climate change and energy-related problems and achieve carbon neutrality.

“The multi-award winning Mitsubishi Outlander’s body style has surpassed the conventional sedan in popularity, mostly because of functionality. This makes the spacious, but stylish Outlander a perfect fit for our local SA launch early in 2023,” explains Jeffrey Allison, General Manager: Marketing at Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA).

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