Mitsubishi drives towards growth

Mitsubishi Motors SA looks forward to continuing their growth momentum.

A variety of initiatives have been put in place to assist the Mitsubishi dealer network.

The brand will launch a number of new and updated models during 2023.

JOHANNESBURG – Mitsubishi Motors South Africa is looking ahead to a successful 2023 and have several strategies in place to take the brand to new heights. This includes a renewed focus on the dealer network and customers as well as the launch of a variety of new models, with the aim of increasing sales and market share. 

The continued success of the brand can be attributed to a rollout of new and updated models during 2022 including updates to the popular ASX, Pajero Sport Aspire, Xpander, Triton Heritage Edition as well as the rollout of single cab Triton models. This product offensive is set to continue into 2023 ensuring that the entire Mitsubishi range remains as fresh as possible. 

Globally, Mitsubishi’s current midterm plan focuses on steadily implementing structural reforms, enhancing growth and focusing on profitability with a target of selling 1.05 million cars during the 2022 financial year. 

Providing customers with reliable and attractive products by further advancing the genetic of 4WD and off-road performance which Mitsubishi vehicles are known for remains a key focus. 

A renewed focus on our dealer partners

Mitsubishi Motors South Africa remains committed to improving product competitiveness through product positioning and offering, will place renewed focus on building brand affinity and look forward to assisting their dealers by way of lead generation. 

“Mitsubishi understand that the dealer network is the heartbeat of the business and will be increasing the dealer network. A salesforce retention program is also in development to assist with attracting and retaining quality sales people,” says Jeffrey Allison, General Manager: Marketing at Mitsubishi Motors South Africa (MMSA). 

“In recognition of the significance of our dealer network we have improved the contribution to dealer income and strive to offer a stable and consistent stock supply across our range. As a celebration of our dealer network, we will re-introduce the dealer of the year and diamond club,” adds Allison. 

Plans for growth in a challenging environment

Mitsubishi Motors South Africa understand the importance of doing business with big business and are developing a commercial vehicle range as well as increasing throughput through cross border, fleet and rental channels. 

During 2022 Mitsubishi Motors South Africa retailed 4315 new models with the Pajero Sport, Triton and Xpander responsible for the bulk of those sales.  Mitsubishi believe that several trends will impact the new car market this year. Improvements in production output and lower logistics costs will most likely lead to an oversupply of vehicles in the SA market while rising fuel prices, increased raw material costs and current dollar strength will lead to increased vehicle prices. 

The rising cost of living is eroding middle class disposable income while low GDP growth will impact business to business buying power,” says Allison. In the regulatory environment automotive aftermarket guidelines, Financial Intelligence Centre changes as well as the move towards cleaner fuels and Euro 5 engines. 

A renewed focus on customers will see Mitsubishi Motors South Africa launch customer loyalty programs as well as a number of initiatives aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction. 

“Despite these challenges Mitsubishi Motors South Africa believe that there is still room for growth in the segments that we compete in and will continue to offer our customers the latest in terms of product, while sticking true to the values that make Mitsubishi products what they are,” concludes Allison

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