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Hidden in all the clutter of a motoring festival was one of the finest off road drivetrains I have experienced. Fortunately someone at Mitsubishi must have understood the this was a system that needed to be experienced and set up the opportunity for us. Obviously all off road demonstrations set up by a manufacturer are […]

It’s that time of the year again and as 2018 approaches, Bakkie & Car magazine as always performs one of its essential annual duties as we decide which of these bakkies released during the past twelve months is the best of all and by the end of it all, there will be just one – Best Bakkie 2018

CAPE TOWN – If you’re in the market for a bakkie-based SUV, then you currently have three main choices: the Toyota Fortuner (Hilux-derived), Ford Everest (Ranger-derived) and now also the new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (Triton-derived). Last mentioned may just have a trick up its sleeve to win the predictable arguments around the braai. It all […]

There’s fresh blood in the water and the big guns are circling. Where do the new Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi Triton fit into the leisure double-cab pecking order? It’s been a long wait but, finally, the gang’s all here. Represent- atives from all the major players in the ever-popular leisure-oriented double-cab bakkie market gathered to stake their claim as four years since our last big bakkie test, the competition includes…

Look past the exterior with its pronounced J-line and get into the cabin. It is a different world. You can see they have borrowed a number of Pajero bits and pieces, but that’s a good thing. The driver’s seat is sublime, best in a bakkie, ever. Not only because it is fiveway electrically adjustable and leather covered, it is just so comfortable, firm, gives good lumbar support and nestles you just so. Continuing on the interior…

Die dubbelkajuit-bloedbad is nou dieper as ooit. As ‘n motorjoernalis is dit lekker om verras te word, en die Triton was by sy bekendstelling in Januarie vir my so ‘n verrassing. Ons het nou ‘n kans gehad om die Triton beter te leer ken, en die tweede ontmoeting het vir my één ding bevestig: Ek […]

The bakkie market is in waiting. We might even say it is in limbo. It is rather like Formula One fans who know the new season will start in March but can it just start already. What is everyone waiting for? The answer for many is the new Nissan Navara. The wait is nearly over as it will arrive in SA in March hopefully together with the long anticipated announcement that it will be manufactured in SA…

Onthou jy nog die Mitsu- bishi Colt-bakkies van die laat negentigerjare? Wel, heelparty van hulle sit vandag nog steeds tekkie op die teer.
Toe kom die groot skommeling met Mercedes-Benz wat plaaslik die naelstring met Mitsubishi en Honda geknip het. Albei Japanse vervaardigers moes leer om […]

The wait was long – partly because Mitsubishi SA had to negotiate a good sticker price with Japan, which they did. Partly because we had to wait for a slot in the international production schedule, and of course ours is just a minor market on the global scale. But it was worth it. The new all-new, as opposed to merely facelifted – Mitsubishi Triton is […]