Mitsubishi car dealerships in Johannesburg

Deciding on car dealerships in Johannesburg is about more than just finding a place to buy a vehicle; it’s about trustworthy service, quality cars, and the peace of mind that comes with good aftercare and fair financing. We take the guesswork out of your search, highlighting notable dealerships that prioritize your needs, offer dependable vehicles, and help you with a financial plan that makes sense for you. Start your journey to a smart purchase here.

Key Takeaways

  • Mitsubishi dealerships in Johannesburg offer a range of new and pre-owned vehicles alongside various finance options, ensuring a vehicle for every budget and a streamlined buying process.
  • Purchasing a Mitsubishi car involves choosing from a diverse model lineup, each undergoing a rigorous pre-sale inspection, coupled with a detailed test drive to assess vehicle suitability and quality.
  • A customer-centric approach underscores Mitsubishi’s reputation, where innovation, reliability, environmental commitment, and high customer satisfaction in sales and service are non-negotiable values.

Exploring Mitsubishi’s Top Car Dealerships in Johannesburg

Mitsubishi Northcliff and CMH Mitsubishi Westrand lead the pack of Mitsubishi dealerships in Johannesburg. These dealerships have made their mark in Gauteng’s automotive market, offering potential buyers:

  • An excellent platform to explore various new and pre-owned Mitsubishi models
  • Competitive deals on second-hand vehicles
  • Easy access to a reliable Mitsubishi that suits their budget

But it’s not just about the vehicles. These dealerships understand that buying a car is a significant investment, and they strive to make the process as seamless as possible. This is why they offer a variety of finance options to suit different budgets and financial situations. Whether you’re looking to buy a new car outright or finance it over a period, these dealerships will work with you to find a solution that suits your needs.

The Best Deals on Pre-Owned Mitsubishis

Knowing what to look for is crucial when purchasing a second hand car, especially a pre-owned Mitsubishi. From fuel efficiency and safety features to cargo space and warranty coverage, these factors play a crucial role in determining the value of a used car. Fortunately, Mitsubishi car dealerships in Johannesburg offer a diverse range of certified pre-owned vehicles, allowing you to find a car that ticks all the right boxes.

Securing a good deal on a pre-owned Mitsubishi extends beyond just the price. It’s about getting a vehicle that will serve you reliably for years to come. This is why Mitsubishi dealerships in Johannesburg ensure that every pre-owned vehicle undergoes an extensive 123-step test performed by factory-trained Mitsubishi pre-owned technicians. This rigorous vetting process ensures that only the highest quality vehicles make it to the showroom floor, giving you peace of mind with your purchase.

Finance Options for Your Mitsubishi Purchase

Purchasing a car, be it new or pre-owned, constitutes a significant financial commitment. This is why Mitsubishi car dealerships in Johannesburg offer various finance options to cater to different budgets and financial situations. From installment agreements with fixed or variable interest rates to balloon payment options, these finance arrangements are designed to make the purchase process as straightforward and affordable as possible.

One of the key factors to consider when opting for vehicle financing is the interest rate. The typical interest rate for car loans for Mitsubishi vehicles in Johannesburg is set at 10.71%, making it a viable option for those looking to finance their vehicle purchase. By understanding the financial options available and choosing the one that best suits your situation, you can drive away in your dream Mitsubishi without breaking the bank.

Customer-Centric Services

A successful dealership is characterized by its commitment to exceptional customer service. Mitsubishi car dealerships in Johannesburg are no different. They prioritize delivering exceptional customer-centric financial services, striving to provide a seamless and efficient experience for every customer. This approach ensures that customers’ needs are at the forefront of every interaction, from the moment they step into the dealership to the ongoing after-sales service.

To ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, Mitsubishi car dealerships in Johannesburg employ highly professional service advisors and dedicated sales teams. These teams are committed to addressing customer inquiries, resolving issues, and providing comprehensive support throughout the car buying process. This emphasis on exceptional service and service excellence has led Mitsubishi to achieve a ranking of #3 in overall customer satisfaction, setting them apart from other car dealerships in Johannesburg.

A Selection Tailored to Your Needs

Choosing Mitsubishi comes with the key advantage of a wide selection of models, tailored to accommodate various needs and preferences. Whether you’re a city dweller in need of a compact car or an adventurer looking for a robust off-roader, Mitsubishi has something for everyone. Their diverse range of vehicles includes:

  • Compact cars
  • Sedans
  • SUVs
  • Crossovers
  • Electric vehicles

This range is designed to meet the needs of different demographics, ensuring that every customer can find a vehicle that aligns with their lifestyle.

The best part? Each Mitsubishi vehicle undergoes a thorough pre-sale process to ensure its quality and reliability. This process involves a detailed inspection by factory-trained technicians, ensuring that every vehicle meets the high standards set by Mitsubishi. Whether you’re buying a new car or a pre-owned one, you can be confident that you’re getting a vehicle that’s been vetted for quality and reliability.

From City Slickers to Off-Road Adventurers

Mitsubishi acknowledges the diverse needs of different drivers. For city dwellers, compact and fuel-efficient models like the Mitsubishi ASX, Eclipse Cross, or Xpander are ideal for navigating city streets with ease. These models are designed with urban driving in mind, offering a smooth ride and advanced safety features for a secure and comfortable commute.

But Mitsubishi isn’t just about city cars. If you’re an adventurer at heart, models like the Pajero Sport and Triton Xtreme are built for off-road escapades. These vehicles boast robust engines and advanced off-road technology, making them perfect for those who love to venture off the beaten path.

Whether you’re a city slicker or an off-road adventurer, Mitsubishi has a vehicle tailored to your needs.

Ensuring Quality: The Pre-Sale Process

The pre-sale process reflects the importance Mitsubishi places on quality, a cornerstone of their philosophy. Every Mitsubishi vehicle, whether new or pre-owned, undergoes a rigorous inspection before it hits the showroom floor. This involves a comprehensive 123-point test conducted by certified technicians, ensuring that every vehicle meets Mitsubishi’s high standards of quality and reliability.

Beyond the initial inspection, Mitsubishi also provides warranties and guarantees for their pre-owned vehicles. They offer a New Vehicle Limited Warranty, which covers most components for 5 years/100,000 km, as well as a powertrain warranty for 10 years/100,000 miles. This gives you added peace of mind, knowing that your Mitsubishi is backed by a comprehensive warranty.

Why Choose Mitsubishi?

Opting for a Mitsubishi signifies choosing a legacy marked by innovation, reliability, and environmental commitment. Mitsubishi cars are recognized for their advanced technologies that offer a sense of security, safety, and reassurance. From their award-winning models to their commitment to sustainability, Mitsubishi sets itself apart from other car manufacturers.

Mitsubishi’s commitment to innovation extends beyond their vehicles. They are actively involved in a range of environmental initiatives, including climate change response, water conservation, and the development of electric vehicle technology. In fact, Mitsubishi has set the goal of achieving carbon neutrality in their supply chain by 2050, showcasing their dedication to a greener future.

Innovation and Reliability in Every Model

Mitsubishi’s dedication to innovation is evident in every model they produce. Their vehicles are packed with advanced technologies that enhance security, safety, and deliver a superior driving experience. From the INVECS Adaptive Shift Control software that adjusts the transmission to accommodate various driving conditions, to the integration of Artificial Intelligence in their vehicle designs, Mitsubishi is at the forefront of automotive innovation.

But innovation isn’t the only thing that sets Mitsubishi apart. Their vehicles are also known for their reliability and longevity. In fact, the Mitsubishi Outlander can achieve 200,000 to 300,000 kilometers with proper upkeep, making it a dependable choice for any driver. This commitment to reliability has earned Mitsubishi a high ranking in the U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study by J.D. Power, outperforming several competitors.

The Environmental Edge

Mitsubishi isn’t just about making great cars; they’re also committed to making a difference in the world. They actively participate in a range of environmental initiatives, including the development of electric vehicles and hybrid technology, water conservation, and recycling. In fact, Mitsubishi offers electric and hybrid vehicle options such as the i-Miev and the Outlander PHEV, supporting the reduction of CO2 emissions and the advancement of sustainability.

In addition to their eco-friendly vehicles, Mitsubishi also takes steps to ensure sustainability in their vehicle production. They focus on:

  • Reducing environmentally hazardous substances
  • Managing and reducing VOC emissions
  • Incorporating green technologies and energy-saving equipment in their manufacturing processes

With their commitment to the environment, Mitsubishi is not just driving the future of mobility, but also driving a sustainable future for our planet.

Navigating the Dealership Experience

While the car buying process can be daunting, it can also be a smooth experience. At Mitsubishi dealerships, the aim is to make this process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. From the moment you step into the dealership to the moment you drive away in your new car, the staff at Mitsubishi dealerships are there to assist you every step of the way. They guide you through the process, from test driving the vehicle to understanding the fine print of your purchase agreement.

The dealership experience goes beyond just buying a car; it involves familiarizing oneself with the vehicle and confirming its suitability. That’s where the test drive comes in. A test drive is a crucial part of the car buying process, giving you a firsthand experience of how the car performs under different conditions. It allows you to assess the car’s features, comfort, and overall driveability, helping you make an informed decision.

Making the Most of Your Test Drive

Test driving a Mitsubishi involves more than just getting behind the wheel and hitting the road. It’s about understanding the vehicle and ensuring it aligns with your lifestyle and driving needs. Before beginning the test drive, it’s important to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle, including:

  • Assessing the comfort of the seating areas
  • Testing the functionality of features like the climate control and navigation system
  • Checking the condition of the tires and brakes
  • Examining the exterior for any damage or scratches
  • Testing the headlights, turn signals, and other lighting features
  • Checking the engine oil and other fluid levels

By conducting this inspection, you can ensure that the Mitsubishi you are test driving meets your expectations and requirements.

During the test drive, it’s crucial to pay attention to how the car performs under different conditions. How does it handle on city streets versus highways? How smooth is the ride? How responsive are the brakes? These are all important factors to consider during your test drive.

By taking the time to thoroughly evaluate the vehicle, you can ensure you’re choosing the perfect car that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Understanding the Fine Print

Even though the excitement of buying a new car can be overwhelming, overlooking the fine print should be avoided. This includes understanding the terms of your purchase agreement, warranties, and financing options. Mitsubishi car dealerships in Johannesburg make this process easy, providing clear and comprehensive information to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding the fine print also helps you know what to expect in terms of costs. For instance, Mitsubishi’s powertrain warranty provides coverage for 10 years or 100,000 miles for most models, and it’s transferable to subsequent owners until the specified year or mileage has been reached. Knowing these details will help you budget for your vehicle purchase and avoid any unexpected costs down the line.

How to Find the Right Mitsubishi Dealership

Finding the right Mitsubishi dealership in Johannesburg can be a challenge given the numerous options available. But it doesn’t have to be. By considering factors such as:

  • Reputation
  • Reviews
  • Location
  • Convenience

You can find car dealers that suit your needs and provide a positive car buying experience at a car dealership.

Remember, the right dealership is more than just a place to buy a car. It’s a place where you can find comprehensive services, including good service in:

  • Vehicle servicing
  • Parts supply
  • Financing options
  • Trade-in options

By choosing a conveniently located Mitsubishi dealership, you can enjoy easy access to these services, making your car buying experience a seamless and enjoyable one.

Reputation and Reviews: Hearing from Other Customers

When choosing a dealership, it’s important to consider its reputation. This can be gauged by looking at awards, innovations, and customer reviews. Credible feedback platforms like Hellopeter provide valuable insights into the experiences of previous customers, helping you gauge the reputation of a dealership.

But don’t just rely on online reviews. Take the time to visit the dealership in person. Talk to the staff, take a look at the vehicles on offer, and get a feel for the dealership’s operation. This firsthand experience can provide valuable insights into the dealership’s customer service and professionalism, helping you make an informed decision.

Location and Convenience

The location of a dealership plays a significant role in the car buying experience. A conveniently located dealership not only saves you time and travel costs, but it also provides easy access to services such as vehicle servicing, parts supply, and handling appraisals or trade-ins.

Moreover, a conveniently located dealership makes it easier for you to visit the dealership for test drives and any after-sales services. So, when choosing a Mitsubishi dealership, consider its location and the convenience it offers. After all, the car buying experience should be as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Staying Informed: Resources and Contact Information

The digital age affords unprecedented ease in staying informed. Mitsubishi car dealerships in Johannesburg provide a wealth of online resources, including:

  • Exploring their vehicle lineup
  • Locating dealership branches
  • Staying informed through blogs for updates and advice
  • Accessing specialized resources catered to your specific requirements and preferences.

These online resources provide a convenient and efficient way to gather information and make informed decisions before stepping into a dealership. But if you need more personalized assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the dealership directly. Mitsubishi car dealerships in Johannesburg offer exceptional customer service, with knowledgeable staff ready to assist with your enquiries and guide you through the car buying process.

Online Showrooms and Vehicle Features

Online showrooms present an excellent avenue for exploring Mitsubishi vehicles. These digital platforms provide a comprehensive view of each vehicle, allowing you to zoom in and out and navigate in all directions. This gives you a detailed look at the vehicle’s exterior and interior, helping you get a feel for the car before you even step into the dealership.

Online showrooms also provide detailed specifications of each vehicle, including features like:

  • Rear cargo liftgate
  • Power door mirrors
  • Turn signal indicator mirrors
  • And much more

By exploring these features in detail, you can get a better understanding of what each Mitsubishi model has to offer.

Getting Personal Assistance

Despite the immense help online resources provide, there are times when a more personal touch is needed. That’s where the staff at Mitsubishi dealerships come in. These knowledgeable professionals, working as a team, are there to assist you throughout the car buying process, offering friendly and helpful service that’s tailored to your needs.

Whether you have questions about vehicle features, financing options, or the car buying process in general, the staff at Mitsubishi car dealerships in Johannesburg are ready to help. They are committed to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that every customer leaves the dealership satisfied and well-informed.


In conclusion, navigating the top Mitsubishi car dealerships in Johannesburg doesn’t have to be a daunting process. With a wide array of quality vehicles, comprehensive pre-sale processes, innovative finance options, and a commitment to exceptional customer service, Mitsubishi car dealerships in Johannesburg offer a seamless and enjoyable car buying experience. So, whether you’re an urban dweller seeking a compact city car, an adventurer in need of a robust off-roader, or simply someone looking for a reliable and stylish vehicle, Mitsubishi has something for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy a car in south africa?

To buy a car in South Africa, determine your budget, get pre-approved for financing, research your options, test drive the car, negotiate the price, finalize the paperwork, and make your monthly payments. It’s important to consider your budget and financing options.

What are the top Mitsubishi car dealerships in Johannesburg?

The top Mitsubishi car dealerships in Johannesburg are Mitsubishi Northcliff and CMH Mitsubishi Westrand, providing excellent service and a wide range of Mitsubishi vehicles.

What finance options are available at Mitsubishi dealerships?

Mitsubishi dealerships offer a variety of finance options, including installment agreements with fixed or variable interest rates and balloon payment options. Consider visiting a dealership to explore the options and find one that suits your budget and financial situation.

What measures does Mitsubishi take to ensure the quality of their pre-owned vehicles?

Mitsubishi ensures the quality of their pre-owned vehicles by subjecting them to an extensive 123-step test conducted by factory-trained technicians, providing assurance to potential buyers.

What are some of the innovative technologies incorporated in Mitsubishi vehicles?

Mitsubishi vehicles incorporate advanced technologies like the INVECS Adaptive Shift Control software and Artificial Intelligence in their designs to enhance driving performance and adapt to different conditions. These features provide a cutting-edge driving experience.

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