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Embark on your journey to find the ideal car at premier car dealerships in Pretoria. Our guide offers a straightforward look at trusted dealerships offering a range of reliable vehicles, personalized service, and flexible financing. Without the excess fluff, we provide the essentials you need for a smooth car-buying experience.

Key Takeaways

  • CMH Mitsubishi Menlyn and Centurion Mitsubishi are noted for their high-quality, dependable pre-owned vehicles and prioritize customer feedback to improve service quality, offering competitive pricing and a diverse range of models.
  • Mitsubishi car dealerships in Pretoria provide a range of financing options, rigorous vehicle inspections and certifications, and advantageous trade-in processes to ensure customer satisfaction and vehicle reliability.
  • Customer testimonials reflect positive experiences with Mitsubishi dealerships in Pretoria, and a large selection of models caters to different needs, including first-time buyers, with the dealerships winning high marks for customer service in the Reputation 2023 Automotive Report.

Discovering the Best Mitsubishi Car Dealerships in Pretoria

Navigating the automotive landscape can be daunting, but help is at hand. In the heart of Gauteng, Pretoria boasts two of the highest-rated Mitsubishi car dealers – CMH Mitsubishi Menlyn and Centurion Mitsubishi. These dealerships have earned their reputation by offering high-quality pre-owned vehicles that are reliable and supported by an extensive network of dealers. Performance, reliability, cost of ownership, and safety ratings are some of the factors to consider when assessing these quality vehicles.

These Mitsubishi car dealerships are committed to providing top-notch cars and place significant emphasis on customer feedback. They implement measures to enhance the quality of services based on this feedback. This means you can be sure of finding the best price for your next car at these dealerships.

Quality Vehicles at Competitive Prices

Mitsubishi dealerships in Pretoria build their reputation on pillars of quality, reliability, and value. Establishments such as CMH Mitsubishi Menlyn and CMH Mitsubishi Hatfield are recognized for providing cars renowned for their world-class reliability. From the compact Mirage to the rugged Triton, these dealerships offer a diverse range of new and pre-owned high-quality Mitsubishi vehicles at competitive prices, ensuring that customers receive excellent value for their purchase.

Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly SUV or a versatile hatchback, esteemed dealerships like CMH Mitsubishi Menlyn in Pretoria, Gauteng offer a diverse selection of quality vehicles at competitive prices. With such a wide variety of models and price points, these dealerships make it easy to find your next car.

Financing Options for Every Budget

The journey to your next car doesn’t end at choosing the right model; financing is another critical aspect to consider. At Mitsubishi car dealerships in Pretoria, the finance department ensures that customers have access to a variety of financing options to suit their needs. Financing options commonly available include:

  • Instalment Sale
  • Balloon Payment
  • Lease Agreement
  • Guaranteed Future Value

This makes it easy for those who need finance to get behind the wheel of their dream car, as all our vehicles are available for financing.

Indeed, Mitsubishi provides special financing deals in Pretoria, encompassing a variety of special offers and car deals tailored to different budgets, all accessible on the Mitsubishi Motors website. Financing options for pre-owned Mitsubishi vehicles in Pretoria are also provided through Mitsubishi Finance, thereby ensuring that customers interested in pre-owned options also have access to financing.

The Importance of Vehicle Inspections and Certifications

Investing in a vehicle requires the assurance that it has undergone thorough inspection and certification. At Mitsubishi car dealerships in Pretoria, this is a given. These dealerships conduct standard inspections before selling a vehicle, which involve a final check for cleanliness and a comprehensive 123-point inspection for Certified Pre-Owned vehicles to ensure they adhere to the established standards.

A Mitsubishi vehicle must undergo a comprehensive inspection by a Certified Technician and obtain necessary certifications before it is sold. This includes a thorough 160-point inspection to showcase the vehicle’s condition and reliability. Such inspections and certifications enhance the quality of Mitsubishi vehicles at dealerships by ensuring a high standard of vehicle quality and reliability.

Trade-Ins Made Simple

For those looking to upgrade their current car, Mitsubishi car dealerships in Pretoria offer a simple and straightforward trade-in process. To trade in a car, one can assess the potential trade-in value of their vehicle using online tools offered by Car and Driver or The Mitsubishi Stores. Customers can also fill in a valuation form provided by the dealership, which assists in assessing the car’s value.

In addition to this, Mitsubishi car dealerships in Pretoria may offer incentives or deals for trading in a car. It is advisable to refer to the Mitsubishi Motors South Africa website or directly contact the dealership for the most current information on any trade-in offers available.

By conducting thorough research on the market value of their vehicle and obtaining multiple vehicle trade-in quotes, customers can enhance their negotiation position and ensure they receive the most favorable deal for their trade-in.

Top Condition Guaranteed

Purchasing a vehicle from a Mitsubishi dealership in Pretoria is more than just buying a car; it’s an investment in peace of mind. Vehicles at these dealerships are subjected to a thorough 123-point inspection by a Certified Technician. In addition, Certified Pre-Owned Mitsubishi vehicles go through an extensive 160-point inspection conducted by factory-trained technicians to guarantee the highest quality vehicles.

These inspections, conducted at a service interval of 12 months or 15,000km, whichever occurs first, include periodic brake inspections to verify the excellent condition of the brake pads, rotors, and brake lines. Customers who acquire a certified vehicle from a Mitsubishi dealership in Pretoria receive benefits such as financing assistance, repairs and parts support, appraisals, trade-in quotes, and 24-hour Roadside Assistance, further enhancing the assurance of quality and reliability.

Mitsubishi Triton at Car Dealerships

Customer Testimonials – Real Experiences from Satisfied Clients

But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to the real experiences from satisfied clients who have purchased vehicles from Mitsubishi dealerships in Pretoria. Customer testimonials can be found on various websites such as za.africabz.com, snupit.co.za, and ratings can also be found on platforms like Hellopeter.com.

Customers have provided positive feedback about their experiences with service advisors and workshop staff, expressing appreciation for the high-quality customer care. In particular, the Mitsubishi Dealer in Menlyn, Pretoria, has received favorable reviews. These customer reviews serve as a testament to the reputation of Mitsubishi dealerships in Pretoria, highlighting their commitment to delivering top-notch products and exceptional customer service, including outstanding aftersales support.

A Wide Selection of Mitsubishi Models to Choose From

Exploring the wide selection of models on offer is one of the most exciting aspects of the car buying process. Whether you’re looking for a rugged double cab, a versatile bakkie, or a spacious seven seater, you’ll find it all at Mitsubishi dealerships in Pretoria. Each model has its own set of distinctive characteristics that make it unique, such as the Mitsubishi ASX’s 7-seater spaciousness suitable for families, or the Pajero Sport’s sturdy 2.4L MIVEC turbo diesel engine and 8-speed automatic transmission, catering to adventure enthusiasts.

Indeed, Pretoria Mitsubishi dealerships are highly accommodating to first-time buyers, offering a range of choices including:

  • ASX
  • Eclipse Cross
  • Outlander
  • Pajero Sport
  • Triton

These options are known for their high quality, reliability, and performance-oriented design. To find the most suitable Mitsubishi model in Pretoria, visit the Mitsubishi Motors website and utilize the branch locator to identify the nearest dealership. At the dealership, you can explore a diverse range of vehicles to find one that aligns with your specific needs and lifestyle.

Great Selection for First-Time Buyers

Mitsubishi dealerships in Pretoria, known as reliable car dealer, cater especially to first-time car buyers. They offer extensive support through a customized, step-by-step manual designed specifically for first-time car buyers. This personalized aid simplifies the purchasing procedure and makes it easily manageable.

The Mitsubishi Mirage, for instance, is regarded as a commendable option for individuals purchasing their first vehicle, attributed to its compact size, cost-effectiveness, and overall worth. Mitsubishi vehicles are equipped with features that are conducive to those new to driving, including the Electronic Control all-wheel drive system, Forward Collision Mitigation, and Lane Departure Warning.

Additionally, models like the Outlander and ASX offer roomy interiors and user-friendly instrument panels, which are particularly appealing to novice drivers.

Finding Your Perfect Match

Finding the perfect Mitsubishi vehicle is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. Mitsubishi dealerships in Pretoria offer:

  • A diverse selection of vehicles
  • Knowledgeable salespeople on hand to assess your car requirements
  • Elucidation of vehicle features
  • Accompaniment on test drives

Selecting a Mitsubishi model requires consideration of factors like:

  • Location
  • Lifestyle
  • Reliability
  • Cost
  • Performance
  • Safety

A test drive plays a crucial role as it enables individuals to assess the car’s handling, comfort, and suitability to their personal preferences before making a decision. With this comprehensive approach, finding your perfect match at a Mitsubishi dealership in Pretoria becomes a rewarding experience.

Why Choose a Mitsubishi Dealership in Pretoria

Opting for a Mitsubishi dealership in Pretoria offers numerous benefits, including:

  • High-performance vehicles that surpass boundaries
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable sales teams
  • Top ranking for customer experience in the Reputation 2023 Automotive Report, which is testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction.

In addition to a range of quality vehicles, Mitsubishi car dealerships in Pretoria also provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Car servicing
  • New Mitsubishi vehicles
  • Used cars
  • Mitsubishi services
  • Genuine Mitsubishi parts

These services are aimed at preserving the excellent condition of your vehicle. The expansion of Mitsubishi dealerships in Pretoria, such as Mitsubishi Motors Zambezi and CMH Mitsubishi Midrand, offers customers more convenient locations for purchasing high-quality vehicles and accessing top-notch services.


As we’ve seen, Mitsubishi dealerships in Pretoria offer a host of benefits to car buyers. From a wide selection of quality vehicles at competitive prices to a range of financing options, thorough inspections and certifications, easy trade-ins, and exceptional customer service, these dealerships truly stand out in the automotive landscape.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade your current vehicle, Mitsubishi car dealerships in Pretoria are ready to assist you every step of the way. With their commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, it’s clear why they’re the top choice for many car buyers. So why wait? Start your car buying journey today with a Mitsubishi dealership in Pretoria.

Frequently Asked Questions

What measures do Mitsubishi car dealerships in Pretoria take to ensure the quality of their vehicles?

Mitsubishi dealerships in Pretoria ensure the quality of their vehicles by delivering exceptional service and striving to cultivate long-term customer loyalty. This includes providing vehicles that are renowned for their world-class reliability.

What financing options are typically available at Mitsubishi dealerships in Pretoria?

At Mitsubishi dealerships in Pretoria, you can typically find financing options such as Instalment Sale, Balloon Payment, Lease Agreement, and Guaranteed Future Value, offering flexibility for various financial needs.

What procedures are carried out by Mitsubishi dealerships to ensure the vehicles are ready for sale?

Mitsubishi dealerships conduct standard inspections before selling a vehicle, including a final check for cleanliness and a comprehensive 123-point inspection for Certified Pre-Owned vehicles to ensure they adhere to established standards.

What is the procedure followed by Mitsubishi dealerships in Pretoria for handling the trade-in process?

To trade in a car at a Mitsubishi dealership in Pretoria, start by using online tools from Car and Driver or The Mitsubishi Stores to assess the potential trade-in value of your vehicle. Then, visit the dealership to complete the trade-in process.

Which Mitsubishi models are available at the dealerships in Pretoria?

You can find a variety of Mitsubishi models at the dealerships in Pretoria, including double cabs, bakkies, and seven seaters, catering to different needs and preferences.

Deciding on car dealerships in Johannesburg is about more than just finding a place to buy a vehicle; it’s about trustworthy service, quality cars, and the peace of mind that comes with good aftercare and fair financing. We take the guesswork out of your search, highlighting notable dealerships that prioritize your needs, offer dependable vehicles, and help you with a financial plan that makes sense for you. Start your journey to a smart purchase here.

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